9 7/8"IADC645/642

Product Description
  Cutting Structure
  Gauge rows are ovoid  type and inner rows are conical  type:
  Designed for medium hard and abrasive formation with high compressive strengths such as limestone, sandstone, dolomite and chert.
  Application: 29,000-38,000 PSI(200-260MPa)
  Shirttail Protection
  Hard metal on lug;Wear resistant carbide on the side of lug
  IADC Code: 645/642
  Bearing Type: Roller-Ball-Roller-Thrust Button/Sealed bearing/Open bearing
  Circulation Type: Jet Air
  Cutting Structure:-Inner and Nose rows: Conical   -Gauge rows: Ovoid   -Heel rows: round
  Pin Connection: 6 5/8” API
  Bit Diameter: 251 mm (9 7/8“)
  Product Weight: 62.5KG (143Lbs)
  Weight on Bit: 29625-59250 Lbs
  Rotary Speed: 100-60 RPM
  Air Back Pressure: 0.2-0.4 MPa
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