Straight Shank & Full Inserts Roller Bit/cone 1、Cone 2、Cone 3

Straight Shank & Full Inserts Roller Bit/cone 1、Cone 2、Cone 3

Product Description
  Type And Structure
  Type: Mg515s,gauge/inner Row:conisphere Inserts
  Type: Mg637s,gauge/inner Row:conisphere Inserts
  Type: Mg835s,gauge/inner Row:spherical Inserts
  Assembly Instruction
  Welding type, one, two and three rounds are used together to make the full section cutting, the angle of inclination of the palm back relative to the cylinder is 3 ~ 5 degrees. Pay more attention to the concentric degree and the height difference of the inner and outer ring bit during installation. It is suggested that the roller bit should be immersed in water and be careful the welding temperature when doing to avoid damage to the sealing .
  Suitable Operating Mode
  Suitable For Soft Geological Strata With Compressive Strength ≤ 90 Mpa, Such As Medium, Strongly Weathered Granite, Salt Rock, Schist, Anhydrite, Sandstone, Soft Limestone, Etc.
  Suitable For 90-150 Mpa Medium And High Hard Strata, Such As Medium, Micro-weathered Granite, Sandstone, Slate, Shale, Limestone, Tuff, Conglomerate, Dolomite, Etc.
  Suitable For Compression Strength 150 ~ 180 Mpa, High Hard Strata, Such As Breezy Granite, Quartz Porphyry, Basalt, Conglomerate, Tuff, Etc.
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